Black Panther Movie Review

LOVED LOVED LOVED- this film is a must see!!!! Warriors both male and female fight for control of a vividly rendered African kingdom in this handsome superhero epic, tastefully put together. Even if your not into comic’s or Marvel films this was totally awesome!!!!….


Is Black Panther Really A Masterpiece?

Really, is Black Panther a masterpiece? Or do you not even know what Black Panther is? Well, here goes: Black Panther is the title of a Marvel Studio produced 2018 superhero movie based on a character of the name from a comic. The Ryan Coogler directed movie follows T’Challa after the events of Captain America: Civil War to his country Wakanda. At Wakanda where he is supposed to reign as king, he is confronted by enemies threatening to pull his kingdom down. In a bid to forestall this and prevent a world war from happening, T’Challa as Black Panther teams up with CIA agent, Everett K. Ross and the Dora Milaje, the name given to Wakanda’s all-female special force.


Now that the plot has been stated, what makes Black Panther really stand out of the pack?


It’s storyline: Black Panther’s storyline can be easily adjudged the product of a carefully thought-out process. It depicts how a country bordered from the rest of the world, fights internal wars and guards against the occurrence of international, maybe even world wars.


Top-notch pre-production processes: the amount of research undergone by members of the crew and casts so that a truly African scenery can be set in Wakanda is really commendable. For example:

  1. The production designer, Hannah Beachler, studied then took cues from Uganda, Rwanda and some other African nations before creating the set.
  2. The costume designer, Ruth E. Carter, had to study and then reference the Basotho, Tuareg, Xhosa and some other African tribes before working with other professionals to come up with 700 costumes many have termed unique
  3. The use of technology: not only were the types of equipment used in the production high-tech ones such that the end result was a quality movie but the manner in which nature was beautifully combined with sci-fi futurism in Wakanda helped present Wakanda as a forward-thinking nation
  4. Cultural impacts: being a blockbuster movie featuring a predominantly black cast, Black Panther has helped to give a measure of strength to blacks facing marginalization issues. In fact, many people have started GoFundMe campaigns so they can take black children in their neighbourhood to the theatres to see this movie




For a movie which has since its’ January 29 premiere in Los Angeles been garnering only positive reviews, Black Panther can indeed be regarded as a masterpiece.

Feb 13, 2018, Kelly Wooderson

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