We are a small group of skilled professionals, who have a passion for Christ and a
love for

 What we offer is a  safe home for women who have experienced trauma, who need general support,  healing and pastoral care. 

We offer support to women who are seeking healing and deliverance which can range from;  General Homelessness, Bereavement,  Bullying, Community Violence,  Disasters, Early Childhood Trauma, Intimate Partner Violence,  Physical Abuse., Refugee Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Sex Trafficking and Traumatic Grief, prison and so on…

Providing a safe space and opportunity to work through trauma and realign with the truths of how God views them and who He created them to be.

Offer of Support

Self-esteem courses


Pastoral support

Bible studies

Money course


Cleaning support

Cooking lessons



1-2-1 sessions

Referrals to outside organisations

The aim is to rebuild confidence, self-worth, self-esteem and building healthy relationships.

As part of the programme, women receive 121 support from key workers and 121/ group counselling sessions from our trained counsellor and psychotherapist.

We currently operate a 4-bed property, to fully engage with women who have multiple and complex needs, with the view of understanding the varying issues that may be presented by women. We work and meet with the women regularly identifying what levels of needs are required and creating care plans that will enable the workers to support the needs.  

We develop strong links with other key agencies who may already be already involved with the families such as; churches, housing, health visiting/school nursing, CAMS, social care, children centres, job centre, Solace, Victim Support.

Many situations that women find themselves in are of a delicate nature, so we can fully appreciate discretion is of the utmost importance and we ensure the location of our residence is kept private.

We accept both housing benefit and social services referrals, as well as self-referrals, services for residences, will be assessed on the level of need and funding options.